[Bf-committers] Re: Scons linking errors & C++?

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 02 Mar 2004 21:42:16 +0100

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 07:18, zaz@visi.com wrote:
> Alfredo de Greef wrote:
> > Thanks, that worked, it compiled this time. I read
> > about removing config.opts, but I thought that was
> > only needed when updating from cvs.
> > 
> I have no idea, scons just blew up on me after a
> CVS update and it looked like the right thing to do.
> After I deleted config.opts and re-ran scons, it went
> from a few entries to a page worth of entries.  Not
> having worked with scons before, I'm not sure what
> to expect.

Well, the SCons build system is still undergoing some heavy
developments. As a result, the config.opts - which is generated by the
SConstruct file - gets outdated every now and then because I add new
user configurable options to it. If these options are not available in
the config.opts file, things can go wrong. I have not added any error
checking in the config.opts options or even missing options. My idea was
that such checks will only complicate the SConstruct file.
If all user options are present, and there are still reports of strange
or missing options in the config.opts file, I may add such error

> As far as CVS, I'll assume that's not directed at
> me, but you're correct in that since SConstruct is in
> CVS, a top level commit will also commit SConstruct.
> You could commit from a lower level though to avoid
> this.  I have no opinion on this though as I have no
> CVS write access and therefore that issue is null and
> void on my boxes, I just hack it until it works, :-).

Yes, SConstruct is in cvs.

> I suspect the way scons is supposed to work is that
> you only modify config.opts and leave SConstruct and
> the SConscripts alone unless you're maintaining the
> build system.  I've tried to keep my changes to
> config.opts, but haven't been able in the past to
> build at all, let alone fully configure my build,
> if I don't touch SConstruct as well as config.opts.

You've supposed correct! Yay, at least this implies that my intentions -
even without documentation - are pretty clear to (intelligent) people ;)

Please, Todd and anyone else, let me know if you have to make updates to
SConstruct or any of the SConscript files to make it work on your
system. I know my system doesn't cover all situations, I need your help
to make this build system robust!
Many people already have provided me feedback - especially on building
on other platforms. Without their help, this effort would've gone to

With regards,