[Bf-committers] small clipping question...

Fabrizio bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 1 Jun 2004 09:26:48 +0200

Hi Dan,

If you want, all you should need to do is open up 'view properties' in your
3D view and increase the grid spacing. putting the Spacing to 100 will allow
camera clipping limits of ClipSta = 10,000 and ClipEnd = 500,000!!! Should
be waaay above your necessities and allow you to test for problems before
you dive into the code! :o)


> Hi,
> > Currently that limit is defined by something like "100xBlender_unit".
> > But in the course of time this isn't done consistantly anymore.
> >
> > Problem to solve: have an 'infinite' (with useful values) range for
> > such buttons, and still allow to slide values interactively. Maybe we
> > can do by having a separate method (or value passed on to button) for
> > how 'sliding' is calculated.
> Yes, that would be interesting. But I was actually asking, because I am
> doing an archetectural work for our local theatre company, we are looking
> at buying an old warehouse and converting it, and I have blender-modeled
> the place, and several ideas for the inside. The clipping question is
> having a camera above the model, facing down, and then clipping half-way
> through the model, so to get a rendered birds-eye view of the place. As
> I did the model at a 1meter=10blender-units, and it's quite a big place,
> 100 clip-start is too small, and I needed to check that removing that
> on my local version wouldn't do nasty things to opengl.
> Dan