[Bf-committers] scripts work on windows msvc6

Roel Spruit bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 19 Jan 2004 00:23:40 +0100

never mind me, was using wrong scripts :)


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Onderwerp: RE: [Bf-committers] Scripts accessible from menus

I thought I'd just note that I still can't get the scriptmenus working.
using the supplied .bpymenus works, but only shows the registered =
script, and not the new ones in the directory.
if I don't have a .bpymenus at all blender doesn't even start


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Onderwerp: Re: [Bf-committers] Scripts accessible from menus

[info below, (***), please read]

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> The basics work nicely on Linux [powerpc], nice!

Thanks LarstiQ, one more confirmation : ).

(***) info: I've made a few changes based on suggestions here:

-- added a menu entry (Scripts win) to re-evaluate the menus.
-- added a button to the Info Win -> File Paths tab (it's between the
python dir entry and its filesel button).  It's pretty handy to have
this by the side of the pythondir path, but if it's not a proper place,
just tell me and it's gone.
-- made .Bpymenus be written only if at least one script was registered.
-- added the 'Blender' tag:

Name: "Script Name"
Blender: 232
Group: "Import"
for example.  Note that the tag  comes below Name, has no single quotes
and is **required**.  Sorry, but you have to update the scripts, Kent!
And others...  Ah, transition periods...

> I've encountered various problems, I'll just list them all:
> - The vault script segfaults blender as soon as I release the mouse
>   (when adjusting a slider), it leaves this message:
>   attempt to free busy buttonblock: 0x105244b4
> zsh: 21047 segmentation fault  ./blender
> - A related problem, when sliding the sliders in vault, the sliders
>   jump up and down to where my cursor is and back, and if I hold the
>   LMB and move the mouse up and down, covering different sliders,
>   other sliders than the one I started sliding on will also jump.

If you edit the script and add ',0' as a last parameter to those three
calls to Slider, it should work better.  This way the Slider buttons
don't use a hackish callback (see python/api2_2x/Draw.c, search for
Slider and py_slider, there are NaN time comments there about this being
a bad thing).  Gotta investigate better, maybe even get rid of it or at
least make '0' the default, and not '1'.

> - I looked for the Scripts/Misc menu in the main blender menu, and
>   only later thought of looking in the Scripts Window, this is
>   something for Matt I guess.

Yes, from now on these things can be tackled.  But the Scripts win is
the best place for 'misc' scripts with guis.  We should later separate
misc in more cathegories.  Things like mesh tools can be better in the
3d view header's (editmode) "Edit" menu, etc.

> - Exporting with the AC3D script doesn't produce the file I specify,
>   so I couldn't test the import functionality.

Ugh, no error msgs on the console?  Please try again, the output should
be a something.ac file, no need to put '.ac' yourself in the file
selector, btw.

Willian, wgermano@ig.com.br

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