[Bf-committers] 2004 plans

Andreas Haferburg bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:39:37 +0100


> From: Ton Roosendaal
> ...
> 2. New blender.org portal
> ...

I'm very happy to hear this, and most of what you wrote is exactly what I was
thinking. So who's going to work on this? I'd love to help, especially in terms
of concept/structure/usability.

Maybe we could have a CVS project for the homepage? That would make it much
easier to maintain.

Below is an idea of how the homepage structure could be.

Best regards

- Top bar: Blender logo[link to homepage], pic links to Gallery, Shop

- static menu on the left
  - New to Blender? [Newbie section]
    - What is Blender? [very important, this link should appear on about every
    - Download
    - Learn Blender
    - Who are you? [or: About us]
  - [Seperator] [User section]
    - News [manual-meter goes there]
    - Forum
    - Links
    - Shop
    - Contact/Feedback
  - Developers
    - Getting started [better name? Get involved?]
    - CVS homepage
    - Source Documentation

- page body, two parts
  - Welcome to Blender! [Yay, I missed that! :)]
    Blender is a free [link to GNU?] fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
    . modeling,
    . animation,
    . rendering, and
    . post-production
    with cross-platform compatibility [link to supported platforms/system
    - all in one tidy, easily downloadable package [link to download page]!
    [skipped: "realtime interactive 3D and game creation and playback" ok?]
    Learn more...[link]
  - Latest news[link]
    [Four news items]
    ... All news[link]