[Bf-committers] New site stuff

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 21 Feb 2004 16:15:42 +0100

Hi all,

I have asked Bart Veldhuizen, the former NaN webmaster, to help  
designing/implementing a new structure for the blender.org portal. This  
design is still unfinished, will all be presented & discussed later.

One of the goals for a redesign, is give easier access to  
groups/volunteers to the site, to build and moderate entire sections  
(news, docs, downloads, gallery, etc). The open source Content  
Management software www.typo3.com is the candidate Bart choose to do a  
first experiment with.


The idea is to move this to the blender3d.org site, as a python  
reference section. This as a test case, to see how it works in  
practice. And of course, it is the purpose to give out 'content admin'  
accounts out to the bf-python dudes, to further construct and maintain  
such a site section. They will serve as test-rabbits here!

Some about the background:

I mainly mail this to the list to indicate there's work being done! :)
More about the plans will be posted later.


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org