[Bf-committers] IRC meeting minutes feb 8+15

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 21 Feb 2004 18:55:43 +0100

Hi all,

Summary of discussed topics;

Feb 8:

1. review release

- One critical bug was reported by Kino, related to mesh editing. The  
bug is an 'oldie', so no reason for an update release. Just reason to  
fix for next release!

2. trackers

- Discussed was whether we'll add new trackers (or categories) for  
engine, yafray and (python) exporter related issues. Decided was to  
wait for it to become really necessary. Jandro will host his own bug  
tracker for yafray related topics.
- Jandro does a humble request for more coders in the YafRay team!!!

3. status of projects

- Since Kester announced good results with the Solid re-integration, we  
can make the next release the 'engine back' release. We need to wait  
for more reporting on this issue still. Some people mention it doesn't  
compile even yet.
For the time being it remains in tuhopuu, until compiling is solved.  
Then it can be moved to bf-blender cvs.
- The release complexity (with yafray, py plugins) gets more complex...  
so we have to look at how to treat a restored game engine. Idea still  
is to fork this to separete cvs project, and give the engine team its  
own release cycle. Also this is pending input from Kester.

- Jiri presented a MBall proposal:  
At first sight reactions were positive, but the implications of doing  
this arose some questions. Ton proposed Jiri to look at alternative  
strategies, for example using Mesh as input for MetaBall polygonize().  
That you have RVK keyframe and transform() functions working at once.

Feb 15:

1. Python 2.3

- Willian proposes to switch to 2.3.3 python for Blender. There are  
compatibility problems for die-hard python users, which forces them to  
install 2.2 to use Blender.
- All 2.3.x python release are compatible
- Willian then also will solve the issue which modules are default  
compiled in with Blender, reducing the need for users to have a full  
Python install. For Blender scripts to be included (promoted, offered)  
we then can stick to the ones we provide.
- Among modules to be included are os, math, string, zlib
- Since OSX 10.3 has python as part-of-the-OS, we can think of  
releasing a special 10.3 version with dynamic linked python (possible.  
not decided)
- security issue to solve: making sure it's a user pref if a .blend  
file loaded can automatically run a script

2. Autoconf / Scons

- Michel is about to remove autoconf from cvs, and offer Scons as  
worthy alternative. Everyone agrees, so he can GO!
- Michel will provide noob level docs for it as well
- People discussed methods to communicate it best to the autoconf  
users... like a ./configure script that prints hints/tips
- scons support for MSVC project files is not sorted out yet. (Just  
informed at irc, and zr proposed to use 'call-out', meaning MSVC will  
call and use Scons for compiling, so that builds would all be using  
exact same compile commands

3. 2.33 projects

- ton will fix reported bugs in render, and do some feature fixes (like  
for soft shadow ligths)
- there are many issues reported about normals flipping in render
- theeth mentions Leon is doing interesting work on particles. (Should  
have been posted on blender.org forums, but didn't locate it yet.)
- willian will add  Object->Generators and Object->Modifiers in the 3d  
view menu
- Bjornmose is working on some UV mapping stuff
- new boolean code (from Laurence) needs work still
- theeth will send a proposal for transform() function reconstructing

4. Random talks:

- Theeth pointed to the Tracker, which is being stuffed with new  
reports! Everyone's invited to go over them!

- Reimpel joined the meeting to discuss issues with the Python API. He  
works on an exporter to Ogre (game engine) and encountered a couple of  
issues. To name two: Ipo-Curves of a bone cannot be accessed yet, and  
Action ipos are not named consistently.
He unfortunately has no time to code it himself in Blender, and wants  
to endorse someone to work on it! This discussion ended chaotic, so I  
add to it:
   - post bug reports always in Tracker. We really work there.
   - do feature requests or discussion topics on mailing lists. We have  
a very good python mailinglist too (links on frontpage  

- Trip_dragon discussed an idea to get (much wanted) features  
implemented easier. Like with a top-20 most wanted list, or by adding  
bounty to it. He will post it on forums to get feedback on the topic.


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org