[Bf-committers] yafray GI settings are not sufficient

Gregor Mückl bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 11:03:54 +0100

Am Wednesday 11 February 2004 10:33 schrieb Alejandro Conty Estevez:
> > I think you can recreate this easily by moving the camera inside a box
> > and hide a lamp behind a plane near one wall of the box to simulate
> > indirect lighting (I see this effect in a slightly more complex scene).
> > No matter which settings you choose you will not get rid of the resulting
> > jitter.
> And what about photons?
> http://www.coala.uniovi.es/~jandro/noname/images/white5.jpg
> This example scene will be available soon. Or are you talking about
> other thing?
> jandro

I'm talking about simulating indirect lighting, the diffuse lighting you would 
get if you hid a real-world light source behind a screen and have the light 
hit a brightly colored object (like a room ceiling) first. I'm certain that 
this could work in yafray, but not when using it through blender.

I'm limited by a couple of things:

1. I need to render a few seconds of animation in this scene, using an own 
script to control blender's rendering and animation mechanisms. Since it is 
not possible to use the included yafray export on a stand-alone base I am 
limited to what blender itself offers me, because I cannot do any 
post-processing on the exported scenes before yafray gets to see them.

2. I have not yet been able to setup photon lights in blender. So photons do 
not resolve this problem. I even added a photon light by hand once but in 
this case yafray didn't store any of photons it shot, so it was useless.

The bottom line is that the global GI quality setting should be dropped in 
favor of a per-lamp number of GI samples, which allows for better fine-tuning 
with respect to rendering time and image quality.