[Bf-committers] Requested user options for SCons?

Kent Mein bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 8 Feb 2004 21:50:25 -0600

In reply to Michel Selten (michel.s@home.nl):

> Hi,
> with the recent addition of user options to SCons, I would like to know
> what kind of options you'd like to see added. For example, do we need
> path options for libraries/includes in the options file? And if so,
> which ones?

I'd say any of them you can override with an ENV variable in the NAN_Makefiles.
I realize it may not be possible but, it would be great if this worked the 
same way with Scons as well, and would probably make answering build questions 
a lot nicer.

Here at the University I have to install pretty much all of the external
libraries in goofy locations, (Even gcc) because we support multiple
versions of the various software applications when we use them.

For example, we have 5 different versions of gcc installed (2.95,2.95.3, 3.0,
3.2,  3.3) on 3 platforms and we also have a couple extras which are
cross compilers for specific archs.

On the python front we currently have 3 versions installed.
(Not to mention that the directory's change depending on what platform I'm 
working on.)

The U is a great test bed for blender but it doesn't help much if I can't
compile on the machines ;)