[Bf-committers] Re: Layer Manager

Alexander Ewering bf-committers@blender.org
Thu Aug 19 03:53:27 CEST 2004

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, [iso-8859-1] William Reynish wrote:

> Nicely done on layer names there. BUT, it's not
> compatible with horizontal layout, which IMO fits
> better for a long list of layers.

So you are saying that people should switch Screens for accessing
different buttonswindow types? I'm not sure if that's so

> How about putting
> each block of five layers into a panel (where height
> can vary when layer settings are shown, like the
> constraints panel). This way it should fit nicely in
> horizontal mode as well as vertical.

I oppose the whole panelization and themeability thing. If I
commit, I commit the code as-is, and people having more to do
with the UI can then erm, improve it :)

> Plus, how about options like 'Selectable',
> 'Renderable' and 'Visible'? This would make Blenders
> layer management quite powerful.

I suppose by "Selectable" you mean "Objects in the layer are
selectable". Well, I have heard this suggestion often before,
and I agree it is a potential improvement, and not too hard to
implement. But I still fail to see the _real_ use of it.
Probably a funboard discussion.

"Renderable" means what?

"Visible" is... *cough*... already implemented.

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