[Bf-committers] Fix: Using Yafray for background rendering

Gregor Mückl bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 10:43:31 +0200

On Thursday 12 August 2004 09:25, Alejandro Conty Estevez wrote:
> > This is right. I've not yet been able to use the plugin so far (In fact,
> > I only noticed today that this exists at all). But still this patch isn't
> > in vain because the plugin code seems quite unstable to me at the moment.
> Current yafray cvs with blender both compiled with same compiler are
> stable. It did never crash for me. If it crash for you just let me know.

I had the following situation: blender and yafray were compiled against the 
same glibc, which was updated afterwards. Strangely, this somehow broke the 
pugin interface. Either blender or yafray (I cannot tell which) would dump a 
lot of binary data onto the console and then blender would exit. I'm not the 
only one to have experienced this problem. I could fix it by recompiling both 
blender and yafray, but it tells me that the plugin interface is not 
reliable. And in fact, I'm not sure what might cause this strange behaviour.

> Official 0.0.7 yafray crashes with 0 photons stored, but that should not
> happen with a good setup.

There is another bug in Yafray causing it to output the world background only 
(the same scene worked correctly a few months ago). I'm still investigating 
that one.

> jandro