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Bart bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 09 Aug 2004 22:21:10 +0200

Thanx for your reply,

I discussed the solidify function with other at the blender board too:

Theodore Schundler wrote:
>>>>j.merritt@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au 08/07/04 7:22 PM >>>
>>OK, it seems that the "drag functionality" of solidify is actually 
>>extrusion along surface normals.  This is different from what I'd 
>>originally read as being a "cap holes" function.
> Looking at the images, to get the effect in the picture: In edit mode,
> just press E to extrude the object, and immediately press ENTER to not
> translate it. Then press S to scale the selected part of the mesh, and
> you will get the effect in those screen shots.
> But the idea of working along normals in an interesting one, though
> implenting it as new type of extrustion doesn't make sense. Instead oit
> would be a sort of scaling / shifting along normals. (I guess like the
> Push 3DS Plugin referenced) That would come in handy for me a lot in
> adding surface details to objects. For example, adding crevices to
> complicated shapes (something I've been having a pain with recently)
> where extruding a segment and then either scaling it or shifting it just
> doesn't work right. Even nicer would be if it could work with
> proportional editing for use working on organic shapes.
> Functionality for each selected vertex, find the average normal among
> the selected faces that share that vertex. Then move all the verticies
> along thier respective normal axiis by n blender units, specified by
> mouse movement or manual entry.
> Anyways, just figured I'd add my thoughts on this idea. If only I had
> time to play with coding this sort of stuff...
> Ted
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