[Bf-committers] Ketsji & BPY_start_python();

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 04 Apr 2004 10:12:56 -0600

I guess this is mostly directed to Kester, maybe the python
team too...

The change in the Ketsji code from Py_Initialize()/Py_Finalize()
to BPY_start_python()/BPY_end_python() recently breaks the building
of the player and plugin, which don't link to the blender python stuff
(i.e., the stuff in source/blender/python).

An attempt to make them link to the blender python stuff fails,
since the blender python stuff touches virtually every
single bit of blender code, from file selector windows to rendering
to noise -- basically you would have to link all of blender into
the plugin/player.

So, what to do?

Either revert back to Py_Initialize()/Py_Finalize(), or maybe
the python team can make a lightweight version of the blender
python lib... or maybe there is another option?

Certainly folks should try to build as many targets as
possible before committing.