[Bf-committers] Help Needed, Pointer Confusion

Douglas Bischoff bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 09:13:17 -0500

Hello, all:

I have been beating my head against the problem of OS X plugins not 
working, and I believe I have found a number of the issues. At the 
moment, though, the problem seems to be in the passing of pointers back 
and forth between several functions in dynlib.c and texture.c (and thus 
presumably sequence as well). Alas, my knowledge of C founders when it 
comes to pointers (I know, I know... "C IS pointers!") so I am looking 
for someone who can help me understand the various function and 
parameter pointers going on here.

Knowledge of the OS X aspects isn't needed: I'll take care of that... I 
just need to bounce some emails off someone with a good understanding 
of pointers so I can understand why the parameters are getting 
mysteriously "lost" somewhere between opening the plugin and calling 
the first function "get_plugin_version" (paraphrased).

Thanks in advance,