[Bf-committers] new/old renderbug on os X?

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 23:16:28 +0200


Interesting... I thought to leave the renderwin-close bug alone, being  
of not much relevance. But this again is annoying.

I noticed it actually *does* respond, but Blender refuses to swap  
buffers or draw in the front. See for example the cursor changing shape  
over an edge. Or press Q and Enter... :)

It is Opengl related, so could be an easy fix for me. Dont add it in  
the tracker, i give it a go right away. Report tomorrow!


On Wednesday, Jun 11, 2003, at 22:18 Europe/Amsterdam, Joseph B.  
Winston IV wrote:

> This is closely related to bug #42, but in os X, if you do a render  
> with dispwin selected, and then do a dispview render blender defeats  
> sgefant's fix by closing the render window itself and this has the  
> result of a interface freeze (and the render never displays). If  
> anyone could test this before I submit it as a bug I would appreciate  
> it. It seems to hold true across all versions for os X, including a  
> clean cvs. BTW, thanks for all the fixes for os X today ton!
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