gripes -- Re: [Bf-committers] New render options

Chris Want
Sat, 19 Jul 2003 15:50:13 -0600

  > I've added the new shaders as proposed by Cessen. Yes, I also stole his
  > shading functions! ;-)
  > It's fun stuff to play with! I really like Oren-Nayar and the toon
  > stuff...
  > WARNING:  do a make clean in source/blender/ to be sure it runs! At my
  > system the Makefile dependencies seem not to work 100% correct here...

This doesn't build on irix even after gmake
clean -- there are dependencies in
libblenkernel.a on librender.a ...
this seems bad!

Attempts to change the order that the
libs are linked results in a chain reaction
of bad dependencies ... it would be best
if blenkernel didn't rely on the render
stuff (it's a kernel after all).


P.S. This SDL stuff is a headache too
-- I think platform maintainers should
choose their own compile/link flags rather
than depending on an sdl-config program
that may or may not be in their path
(or even installed for that matter).