[Bf-committers] Per-Vertex properties implementation

Gregor Mückl bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 15 Jul 2003 17:36:30 +0200

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Am Dienstag, 15. Juli 2003 16:00 schrieb Kent Mein:
> In reply to Roel Spruit (Roel@spruitje.nl):
> > It's good to see you wrote this down in such a structured way, but I'm
> > afraid I'm missing the big picture.
> > what would you do with these "properties"?
> > will a "shiny = 10" vertex be rendered differently? viewed differently?
> > what?
> >
> > right now I see this feature as an extension of vertex groups, so if you
> > implement it I would put it in a pull-down menuy somewhere around those
> > buttons.
> >

Hm... I do no believe that this really is a solution. Such pull-downs are
becoming a problem in my oppinion. They are starting to spread all over
blender and are in my oppinion quite a hassle to use. It's ok if it's a
feature you only have to access only a couple of times while you work on a

But I expect the per-vertex property buttons to be used quite often. In fact I
believe that I and the others on my team will spend hours of work only with
those. Therefore I'd be happy to have them permanently on display and not
just hidden in another popup.

Maybe a property button (like the light, material, etc. buttons) could provide
the space this feature needs. But that bar is already long enough. Maybe the
buttons window should be totally overhauled. But that belongs to the

> > Roel
> I'm pretty sure the intent is to provide unified support for external
> renderers/gameengines.  Its for stuff that may not be used in blender
> but still allows you to use blender to edit per vertex properties.

Exactly! But it's only one half of the story. It would be great if properties
could also be assigend to edges or faces (this could be very useful, too).
But I'll focus in vertices for now. The extension to edges and faces would
only require a couple of changes in the data structures although the code
will gain considerable complexity.

> Kent

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