[Bf-committers] Platform maintainers: Build NewPy releases!

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
01 Jul 2003 19:22:18 +0200


I just updated the version number in the Blender User Interface. The
last necessary commits to fix an annoying bug have been fixed by
Willian. Now's the time to build pre-release packages.

Do not forget to build Blender with the expython enabled!
(a 'setenv EXPYTHON=true' before building with the NaN makefiles should

One simple test to see if it is indeed included in the executable is to

- Add new script in Blender
- in the script type:

  import Blender
  print dir (Blender)

- press Alt-p
- the console should print something like: (Note the Armature, Curve, 
  Effect, Metaball and World modules).

Using a clean Global Dictionary.
Run Python script "Text" ...
['Armature', 'BGL', 'Camera', 'Curve', 'Draw', 'Effect', 'Get', 'Image',
'Ipo', 'Lamp', 'Material', 'Metaball', 'NMesh', 'Object', 'Redraw',
'ReleaseGlobalDict', 'Scene', 'Set', 'Text', 'Types', 'Window', 'World',
'__doc__', '__name__', 'bylink', 'event', 'link', 'sys']

Update the resulting package name: Append .NewPy1. after the 27.

Mail ton@blender.org the location where he can download the blender
package from.

With regards,