[Bf-committers] Last update is burning Tinderbox!

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
01 Feb 2003 00:09:54 +0100


Everybody who has checked the Tinderbox update very recently will notice
another color: RED!
Yes, that's right, the build is failing. The cause is that I did an
update in intern/python/freeze. The update meant that freeze is only
built when one of the .py files is actually updated. I tested it pretty
good on my system. However after I checked the files in in cvs, I
noticed that Tinderbox doesn't like it.
I tried to reproduce the problem, but I am unable.
On IRC I was talking to LarstiQ about the problem which is that the
temporary file src.list is generated in ../frozen
This directory does not exist. It does on my system and even after
removing the directory, the build is ok.
We're trying to get a good update very soon for this problem.

Instead of going back to the previous versions of the files, I chose to
investigate a bit more for a good solution. I know it's a bad time
(feature freeze) for having tinderbox fail.

With regards,