[Bf-committers] Python!

Charles Wardlaw bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 9 Jan 2003 06:46:25 -0800 (PST)

> It would be really nice if python could do everything the gui could,
> and we could pass blender a python script on the command line.

Hell, if we're being wishful, it'd be nice to have the ~/.blendrc file
have a list of commands for another submenu on the space bar menu,
which has the most frequently-used python commands, so that they act
almost like photoshop plugins.  Having to open a window, load in text,
run, etc. is a pain. ^.^

I like what Norman said in reference to an abstraction layer like that
used in the worldfoundry project.  Sounds like one hell of an
undertaking, however.  We might need to do this in two steps: one which
just gets python working (a series of binding functions which don't do
anything other than "sane" value checks), and a second where the
current implementation is scrapped for a newer, message-passing

The more I think about this, however, the more it feels like what we're
talking about here is duplicating the current class structure into a
second blender memory tree, one that only acts as a middle man and
doesn't effect the data of either python or the internal blender
workings on its own.  Is this a correct notion?  If so, is this really
necessary?  Or are we just wrapping current class abstraction methods
(getvar, setvar) with the "mailbox" functions?

Heh, maybe I'm overthinking this.  It's 946a and I haven't had my tea.
- Charles