[Bf-committers] Scripts

Willian Padovani Germano bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 17:18:06 -0200


As you know we're working to fix things and smooth rough edges that for
long have troubled bpython script writers and users.  There are some
things we need to decide and I'd like to start with a few now:

>From what's been said, the plan is to have at least a few scripts
bundled with Blender.  For this we need an specific dir for them.

1 - Where will we put the scripts?

It's a good idea to have two places: a default Blender one and a local
user dir that new installations never mess with.  Since there's the
Python dir under User Preferences / Paths, that could be each user's
local dir for scripts.

The "installation" or default one, then, might be .blender/scripts,
under the dir where Blender is installed.  There we'd drop all scripts
that will come with Blender.

2 - Where do we store / maintain the scripts?
2.1 - How do we distribute them?

Under cvs control as part of bf-blender's source?  Or somewhere else,
probably registered as a project at the projects site?

Should they be distributed bundled with Blender or as an extra download,
that can be updated independently?

3 - Licences:

We can accept GPL'ed scripts and also those with GPL-compatible
licenses, which includes public domain, for example, and ... (?).  Once
this is decided / clear, we can tell script writers which licenses they
can use if they want their scripts as part of Blender.

If it is desired/needed that scripts comply also to the BL part of the
licence, this is the time to decide, we have to tell script authors.

Is it necessary to add a GPL header to each script in the dir or a
simple one line note and a scripts-licence.txt file in the same dir,
describing each accepted licence, would be enough?

Opinions are very welcome.  Assuming there are replies to this email,
I'll later summarize the suggestions / conclusions and post again for a
'final' round-up.

Willian, wgermano@ig.com.br