[Bf-committers] solid is out

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 14:23:15 +0100


I've been posting so many 'announcements' in the past on Solid, that I  
decided to wait this time with *actual* news on the topic.
We only got the sources in by someone buying the book, this was added  
in cvs last sunday. All active Blender developers know about this... so  
now it's only a matter waiting for someone reporting on succesfully  
having it integrated again. I rather post an article on blender.org  
about it when we can really say something that is News! :)


On Wednesday, Dec 10, 2003, at 07:41 Europe/Amsterdam, D.J. Capelis  

> Alright then, I've deleted my forum post mentioning
> the fact...
> Um, how private do you expect the fact that SOLID's
> out to remain when it's on a public mailing list?
> Either way, you're right, best until it's working...
> but still... it's going to get out.  I think it may
> actually be best if it's mentioned in a way so people
> know.
> There are many devoted fans of blender who would love
> to hear about the work on the game engine... not keep
> hearing nothing for months on end... especially in an
> open-source project where this information is usually
> pretty public...
> Either way, but I'd kinda be interested to hear some
> thought on the issue and maybe a more official
> announcement if it's deemed worthy.  It's not really
> something we should be discussing on bf-committers,
> but until ton establishes a bf-publicrelations or
> bf-advococy list...
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