[Bf-committers] BIG_MESH

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 07 Dec 2003 09:06:04 -0700


Tuhopuu has had support for big meshes (a.k.a. meshes
with up to 2 billion vertices) for about a month now,
with no ill effects being reported.

I would like to propose that we make this a target
for 2.32 bf-blender.

Have any issues been noticed with the BIG_MESH?
Does anybody have any concerns about this?



P.S. to enable BIG_MESH in tuhopuu
export NAN_BIG_MESH=true
and do a clean make.

P.P.S Yes, in theory we could have up to 4 billion
verts if we used an unsigned int, but virtually all
loops in the blender code currently use int's for the
iterator so that would be a huge undertaking to