[Bf-committers] Re: Cursor proposal and OSX Cursor size

GSR - FR bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 4 Dec 2003 18:35:29 +0100

rwenzlaff@soylent-green.com (2003-12-03 at 0938.52 -0500):
> >Further it looks fine!
> >Are you going to use the design proposal as done before, which was  
> >copied to the UI doc at  
> >http://www.blender.org/docs/UI/ui_redesign2.html ?
> UnNamed was working on drawing some Cursors (I have only made a few for 
> testing).  I think he was going by that as a guide.

I have some bunch of cursors, new or by looking at shots of typical
cursors, including default one (arrow) in case it is required to solve
the OpenGL problem, or to remove exceptions. I started by looking at
some .h file, cos it has the list of current cursors (most not used
anyways) so it sounded right to start creating them.

For the moment I have the following shapes (planned task based in the
doc): Knife and X-Acto (Knife), Arrow (Normal), Pencil (no use?),
Spray (Paintbrush), Logo (Wait cursor), LeftRight (Horizontal window
edge dragger), UpDown (Vertical), Text (Text), Inverse Pointer (no
use?) and Destroy (no use?).

So still to do (the comment is the planned shapes): Texture face
selector (Pencil? somethong else?), Armature selector (something with
a bone), Vertex selector (fat dot, maybe cross), Edge selector (stick
with two dots or similar idea), Face selector (three or four dots and
sticks), Boundary selector (typical cropping one), Transform (if this
becomes three they could be circle with arrows for rotate, cross of
arrows for grab and "zoom effect square" for scale; in one for all
meanings, no decission yet) and Hand (uum, a hand? :] ).