about multilingual in OSX [Bf-committers] Meeting report, sun april 13

Takahiro Shizuki 志築 孝広 bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 05:12:11 +0900

Hi. Thanks you for merging codes of multilingualization.

Stefan Gartner <stefang@aon.at> wrote:
> After a bit of experimenting, I got it working somehow. Apparently there is a 
> problem with the encoding: The original code uses UCS-2; when using UTF-8 
> instead, mbstowcs(3) seems to work and latin characters (except umlauts) get 
> displayed correctly. Using UCS-2LE fixes the display of umlauts, but i think 
> non-european languages are still broken. Why UCS-2LE "works" but UCS-2 
> doesn't, is still a mystery to me. Any advice from Unicode experts is 
> welcome.

I don't know Why UCS-2LE "works" but UCS-2 doesn't.
BTW, Someone has been met the problem in FreeBSD or Solaris?
I don't have a BSD box. However I think it may be BSD's common problems.
If it was not linked XPG4 Lib in BSD, MBSTOWCS(3) may not work properly.
Please try adding link option "-lxpg4".
Also, MB_CUR_MAX of OSX is 1, maybe.
It should be 2 or 3 to use multibyte charcode.

Its are my uncertain knowledges, sorry.