[tuhopuu-cvs] CVS commit: tuhopuu3/source/blender/src editaction.c

Jens Ole Wund (bjornmose) bjornmose at gmx.net
Tue Feb 8 23:11:59 CET 2005

bjornmose (Jens Ole Wund(bjornmose)) 2005/02/08 23:11:59 CET

  Modified files:
    tuhopuu3/source/blender/src editaction.c 
  action editor.
  make oder of action channels editable:
  Y_key moves selected channel(s) up 1 unit
  shift + Y_key moves selected channel(s) down 1 unit
  alt + Y_key moves selected channel(s) up to top
  rigth in time .. before armatures will get torn down and rebuild
  using benefits of 'loose' coupeling of actions channels to bones via 'armature/bone name'
  made this real simple thing to do /* yay modifying one!!!! file */
  hrms .. may be should kept in mind on redesign .. :)
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +156 -5    tuhopuu3/source/blender/src/editaction.c

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