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Johnny Matthews johnny.matthews at greenville.edu
Sat Mar 6 05:12:21 CET 2004

guitargeek (Johnny Matthews) 2004/03/06 05:12:21 CET

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    tuhopuu2/source/blender/src editmesh.c 
  More additions to loopcut tool
  1. After selecting the reference edge, a pink dot will appear at the 0% side of the loopcut
  2. Pressing the F key 'flips' the edge so the 0% is on the other side (moves reference dot)
  3. Pressing the I key enters 'Inset' mode where the distance from the 0% point on the reference edge is the
      distance cut on the other edges, not the percentage of the edge. This mode is where the 'flip' option
      becomes needed to get the desired effect.
      When entering inset mode, the cutline becomes darker and the words 'Inset Mode' show in the 3d header.
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  1.82      +7 -0      tuhopuu2/featurelist.txt
  1.82      +276 -109  tuhopuu2/source/blender/src/editmesh.c

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