[Soc-2018-dev] YimingWu's week 11 report for NPR project

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Fri Jul 27 18:26:21 CEST 2018

GSoC Week11

Hello everyone, here's my week 11 report!

Important notice

You will need OpenSubDiv version 3.3.0 and above to successfully compile the LANPR branch (with DarkDefender's Smooth Contour code). Currently don't merge anything with the branch, I merge it frequently (like every one day or two) with blender2.8 branch so it shouldn't be a problem if you want the the latest 2.8 development with LANPR.

Things have done

1.Chaining now supports all occlusion information and line type settings in non-chaining mode (for software rendering), and it supports tapering, which means shaders can have full control of the 1D material, it can then be extended to enable dot-dash lines, wiggle and curvy lines and so on.

2.F12 is finally working now. Thanks to Darkdefender and Hypersomniac's hint. Thus I'm able to modify the render code path. Not not quite satisfying yet, but there's not that much things needed to do to make it good, so one day or two it will be fine.

3.Fixed some memory leaks in my code, mainly some BMesh and drawing batches.

4.Renamed most of the functions into Blender's naming style.

Here's a GIF demonstrating the effect of the crappy but now pretty stable rendered animation: The frame is in 1920X1080, monkeys have 2X subdivide, rendered using DPIX mode in LANPR, with intersection lines turned off, and render time for each frame is less than 1 sec. (including the time to send everything to GPU, larger scenes will significantly increase the time of CPU-GPU data exchange)



Next week

1.I guess just various code fixes then, nothing much special.

2.Documents will be uploaded to wiki and (hopefully) on Blender's manual. (I'm not quite familiar with manual's repo so it may take some time to figure it out)

3.Prepare for final evaluation and merge.

4.UI needs some redo, let me see how it goes.


Not so much, Have a great weekend!


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