[Soc-2011-dev] Weekly Status Report #13 ( from 8/13 to 8/20)

Sukhitha Jayathilake pr.jayathilake at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 07:28:24 CEST 2011

Hi all!
My project is improving COLLADA Animation support

*== What I did this week ==*

-- Discussed with Campbell Barton and Nathan Letwory on methods of
increasing the armature animation accuracy of bones on import. The retaining
problem was to get the bones
   Orientation or roll from the joint node matrix. Campbell Barton pointed
out some flows in the algorithms I used and instructed on how to approach
this. Tested some methods as instructed
   and finally came up with a solution that works. Included the new solution
in Armature Importer. It will be documented on the project wiki page.

-- A patch was made by pjoe which essentially rectifies discrepancies in
joint inverse bind matrix source data in controller. With those changes and
the changes that I've made the success of
   the skinned bone animation export was apparent. The results are verified
on the 3Dviewr application.The animation works fine on re-import too. A demo
will be made as time permits.

-- Attempted to enable COLLADA animation support for Lamp parameters which
are exported in blender profile. Set Sid addressing of elements and enabled
support for exporting
   Lamp->distance animation to test the functionality. But importing those
in another profile has some complications because internal opencollada
support cannot be used to  import
   animations for those params. Instead of devising new methods to do this
decided to take on more pressing matters. More details in the wiki
Discussion Section.

-- Blender tip profile exporting was setup for bones with more than 1
children, to make easier deriving the parent bone tail when importing back.
Also included tip profile support for skinned armature bones.

-- Refactored and cleaned up Animation Exporter. Bone animations will be
always exported with matrix input sources (for now). Edited the Transform
writer to also write matrix transofrmation data for joint
    nodes. Some bug fixes including

-- Refactored Animation importer and armature importer.

-- Documentation on wiki pages.

More detailed log is maintained here : *

== *Plans for next week* ==

Final attempt to support rigged armature animation. Documentation.

== Issues ==
When exporting rigged animation, rig constraints are identified as bones as
well. This complicates re-import. Distinction between bones and constraints
must be identified.
This will be attempted through the weekend.

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