[Soc-2011-dev] dan_w weekly progress report 12 12/08/2011

Dan Walters dan683 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 01:21:00 CEST 2011

Dear all,

1) what you did this week

redesigned and revised spline to bmesh algorithm to remove unwanted vertices

my original design worked by converting the splines to bmesh verts and
lines, then inserting intersections, welding, and then removing the unwanted
verts and edges. The revised design makes much more sense and runs much
faster - it ignores all points except intersections, generating the
intersections along a spline as verts and linking edges between. Once this
is complete, a simple weld completes the operation.

algorithm now allows more flexible creating of geometry, can add vertices
along lines, etc. A lot more intuitive as the user realizes that
intersections mean vertices. This opens up a lot of flexibility within the
way the tool can be used

implemented use of edgenet fill bmesh operator - although currently

spent a lot of time working on debugging why edgenet fill isnt working for
me without success.

have not met mentor this week as he has been at siggraph

proceeded with implementation of build tool, including tool framework and
scene depth projection

2) what you will do next week

discuss edgenet fill bmop with mentor

once this bmop works, the spline to mesh tool will be complete

continue developing the build tool:

add init function to zero vertex array

add vertex to global array

project ray into screen along mouse

create exit function

create bmesh object from vertex array (bmop)

create tutorial video for using grease pencil to bmesh tool

review plan on a daily basis, the goal being to have two tools complete for
the end of gsoc submission deadline

3) any problems that will require extra attention

with only a week left until the strict pencils down date, its clear that
only a portion of the deliverables will be complete by the end date. I will
continue the tools beyond the end of gsoc deadline, but will take the last
week of august (immediately after the strict pencils down date) off as I
have uni work due on 30th August, so resuming following that deadline.

I feel like I have a much more developed understanding and ability to work
within the blender code base than a few weeks ago and am keen to keep
developing in order to make use of this. I still believe that the tools
proposed in my initial application can be a valuable addition to blender and
am excited to realise them or near variant.

Best wishes,

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