[Soc-2011-dev] Weekly Report 12 - Mocap Tools - Pepper Branch

Benjy Cook benjytcook at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 22:37:07 CEST 2011

This Week:
- Implemented a storing and switching system, to retrieve "archived"
retargeted animations.
- Optimizations following intensive profiling of retarget and other
lengthy functions. Retargeting now takes ~30% less time!

- Animation stitching (combining two animations into one).
- Complex Rig Retargeting - implemented a new "Advanced Retargeting
operator", which successfully retargets complex rigs such as Mancandy
and Sintel. It needs slightly more input from the user for perfect
performance, and thus the separate operator. If a rig is complex,
the UI automatically recommends and activates the separate operator.
- Continued testing various rigs and mocap sources to make sure there
are no weird bugs in the various inputs the system might receive.

Next Week:
Until Aug 15th:
- Subsample / preview option for retargeting. Does the same as regular
retarget button, but will only retarget every 5th frame or so for
quick looks before final result.
- More optimizing and bug coding.
- I stop functionality coding on the 15th, will only be coding UI
changes after that. Hopefully there will be no show stopping bugs
after that date.
Between 15th and 21st:
- UI Reorginization to prepare for deliverable.
- Documentation of functions, for scripters who want to use the
functionality without the UI / automate things, in preparation for
final documentation.

Other issues:
I've been getting a seg fault, which I do not know if it is related to
my work, as it is mostly in python. Occurance is rare, about 3 in the
past week or so. No visible reason/set of operations that cause it.
The trace points to rna_access.c and some ui, wm_manager stuff. Full
trace is here: http://www.pasteall.org/23954
Maybe someone knows the cause? I don't see how, but could it be from
some faulty python scripting?

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