[Soc-2011-dev] Weekly Status Report #11 (from 7/31 to 8/6 )

Sukhitha Jayathilake pr.jayathilake at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 16:27:57 CEST 2011

Hi all!
My project is improving COLLADA Animation support

*== What I did this week ==*

-- Made a new screencast on Material Animation support. Available on :

-- Completed Camera clipstart and clip end animation support. The issue was
with export, in identifying the animations with the rna paths. This was
fixed easily.

-- Had a discussion on blenderCOLLADA irc channel on determining what
features should be added in before the GSoC deadline. The general idea was
to implement support
   for animation support for baked armature animations. Also it was decided
to export baked animations as transformation matrices of bones. Exporting a
4x4 matrix for each baked keyframe.

-- Studied some legacy code to have an idea on how to approach the
development of the new feature.

-- Developed a function to identify all keyframes for an animation.

-- Edited the sample animation function for bones to convert each
transformation matrix to an array of values to be exported.

-- Developed a function to Create 4x4 matrix sources from a given array of

-- Made a successful export system which exports the matrices for a set of
keyframes. Still needs some considerable work to be accurate

-- Implemented COLLADA support for Material raytrace transparency index of
refraction animation export.

-- Implemented support to import Material effect index of refraction
animations as raytrace index of refraction animations in Blender. Still have
some issues.

More detailed log is maintained here : *

== *Plans for next week* ==

-- More paremeter animation support.
-- Animation support for parameters in blender porfile ( specially lights )
-- Finish Baked animation support
-- Documentation

== Issues ==
No considerable issues.

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