[Soc-2011-dev] dan_w weekly progress report 11 05/08/2011

Dan Walters dan683 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 00:32:57 CEST 2011

Dear all,

1) what you did this week

had two meetings with mentor

planned and began development on new tool

build tool, task list as follows

add section to ui - done
add button to ui - done
add operator - done
add operator declaration - done
register operator - done
add event function - done
add mouse down event code block - done
add global array of verticies
add init function to zero vertex array
add vertex to global array
project ray into screen along mouse
create exit function
create bmesh object from vertex array (bmop)
zero vertex array

splines to bmesh tool:

fixed vertex welding by using a different operator

marked intersection verts for weld operation

began unwanted vertex and edge removal

commited some finished changes after separating code out

2) what you will do next week

spline to bmesh tool - complete unwanted vertex and edge removal, face
creation, evaluate tool performance

build tool - progress on list above, possibly finish

refer to original application and prioritize next tool

publish a plan for the last 2 weeks and beyond

3) any problems that will require extra attention

I promised Ton a plan to the end of gsoc which I have fallen behind on. Will
try to get this out tomorrow.

I still want to increase my rate of commits but am much happier with my
performance and progression, of which I have my mentor, Joeedh to thank for
putting up with my stupid questions :)

otherwise no problems as such. Next week my mentor is at siggraph so we will
not be able to meet but if I have any trouble, i will bother the nice people
in the irc room

Best wishes,

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