[Soc-2011-dev] Weekly progress report #11. Onion branch-UV tools

Αντώνης Ρυακιωτάκης kalast at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 19:13:16 CEST 2011

1)This week:
-More study of brush code. After some contemplation decided to use the old
code way to implement the smooth brush for UVs
-So far did the operator stuff only, meaning I have to finish the actual
operator but i am positive it will go...smoothly :)
-Went to Dream Theater and Fates Warning concert (raises fist and thumb,
index and pinky fingers). This is not strictly part of the report but I had
to say it.
-Due to some lax time, I'll do some work during the weekend to catch up with
my schedule which is a bit behind.

2)Next week:
My ambition is to finish up uv smooth brush during the weekend and move on
to other stuff next week. My personal targets are to finish uv-mesh synch
selection and uv island manager(this last one will be hard and needs good
design though) before the end of GSOC.

3)Problems so far
Lost a lot of time trying to figure out a keymap registration problem. Also
some time with trying to understand the new brush API. Decided to go for a
simpler approach though because smooth brushes won't require that many
functionality options. I hope the rest of the stuff won't dig too much onto
unknown code territory so I can concentrate on actual work being done.
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