[Soc-2009-dev] Weekly status report - 27 June - Aligorith

Joshua Leung aligorith at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 02:15:25 CEST 2009

Hi all,

As of the time of writing, this week I've tackled the following issues:
* Restored editing of keyframes in NLA-mapped time-spaces when tweaking
* Made 'tweaking' strip-actions less blocking, and removed the 'tweakmode'
button in an attempt to reduce the sense of 'modality' of the thing.
* Cleaned up operators in DopeSheet and Graph Editors, renaming operators to
have nicer names and fixing many poll callbacks.
* Implemented evaluation code for transition-strips, and fixed a few bugs in
the evaluation code in the process
* A few GUI tweaks - strip colouring and action-line drawing (+ keyframe
* Added a few operators in the NLA Editor which make editing more convenient
* Conversion code - basics for importing strips
* Numerous bugfixes
* + spent a few half-days trying to get a troublesome merge done ;)

* NLA strip transforms (from last week) are still on the agenda -
specifically fixes for the collisions and support for moving between tracks.
I haven't quite figured out the best approach to this yet, but it should
hopefully be in place next week. In the meantime/at the very least, I'll
make sure there are some operators to move strips between tracks if need be
* Need to go over operator naming in NLA Editor in light of the changes I've
made in the other editors
* Code proper poll callbacks for Graph Editor
* Option to turn off NLA-mapping corrections temporarily when editing some
* Animate a shot or two myself using the NLA to catch any annoying problems
I might've ignored

Todo's (if time):
* Get influence/time curves for NLA-Strips working. The evaluation code is
in place, but there are currently no ways to create them
* Revisit channel-drawing code in all Animation Editors + sanitise
* More fancy drawing tweaks?

* I've started writing some docs on using the NLA yesterday. I hope to have
a draft covering many of the important features up somewhere by the end of
next week at the latest.

Although a few weeks ago I had requested an initial phase of user-testing,
I'd suggest that users hold off (re)testing the branch for a few more days
until I finish implementing changes which address most if not all of the
critical complaints from the initial round.
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