[Soc-2009-dev] blender-test script overview

André Pinto andresusanopinto at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 23:41:25 CEST 2009


I just committed the code I had on my local repository to my branch:

=== design/concepts ===
I will briefly described the created code/design:

The script uses 4 concepts:
 *machine: current machine (configured on config.py)
 *build: a blender binary (*.bin) (given in the path as argument to the
 *case: a .blend scene (*.blend) (given in the path as argument to the
       later this could be extended to receive a test-case description (and
implement other types of tests)

And "test-run", which is the result of running a build against a scene on a
given machine
test-run results are saved on:
and save information like:
  time, stderr, stdout, exit_code, image result
(eg. of stored content:

At the moment the program finds the builds/cases to run by recursively
finding files matching *.bin, *.blend

as so running the program to test case can be as simple as:
blendertest.py --update <path_with_cases> <path_with_builds>
Tests are only run if there was no result before, so theres no problem in
selecting only the new scenes/builds
Also theres no problem in changing scenes and builds from path to path..
because it uses a hash based on files content.

Also considering the test-run output is organized with hashs from
"machine/build/scene" merging dirs from diferent persons shouldn't be a

blendertest.py --html <path_with_cases> <path_to_builds>   >
Can be used to make the html preview visible on the link:

The html output uses css's class so its probably easy to make a css for
nicer look.

=== code organization ===
blendertest.py: parse arguments and load test cases and builds
Test.py: code related to test-running
html.py: code used to convert the test-runs to an html page with results /
comparisons tables
persistent.py: loads and saves data to/from xml
util.py: misc stuff
config.py: configuration

=== scope ===
For now this has been created to help measuring my SoC results, as long
thats archieved I am happy!
Of course it would be nice to have this improved (later or by someone else)
to be more usable.

This week I will work on exporting statistics out of the raytracer, and
finding good scenes to measure raytrace performance.

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