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André Pinto andresusanopinto at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 00:03:25 CEST 2009

===Week 4 report===
==This week==
Enabled the remaining render code... and got no bug reports on those
(except a phantom one that only showed on strange compiler optimizations
flags as so it was ignored assuming it was a compiler problem)

Discussed the render system with some members of community, and considering
the objectives of such a system I started coding it.
  * make it easier to run render tests
  * other people can run tests and send results, which can be used to
  * easy to add test cases
  * easy to add builds
  * run tests must be aware of the machine it runs on
  * be flexible as possible for future usage and extension

Decisions made were:
  * Render statistics like number of rays or other counters, time spend on
each part and memory usage should be exported on image metadata (with
possible extension for stamping on image)
  * the test-system should be in python
  * the test-system should be directory oriented
  * the test-system should have reporting features (like html comparison
  * usage of hashs to make sure the build and scene are still the same

As so I started developing a python app for running those.
A sample run of the code developed so far can be seen at:

==Next week==
Keep working on the test system..
   *make code better.. its very dirty for now
   *start selecting scenes to use on render tests

Start add counters/statistics on render code and look on metadata/stamp

As you can see some renders quite differ from 2.5 to 2.49.. i guess those
may be related with animation? well just look to the image and you will see.

Where should I put the test-system code? kept it in my own local repository?
or where on my branch?

About documentation:
nope i havent touched my wiki so far.
I will try to put some updated info on there.

I am on it.

For those who may think I may be wasting time on the test-system and other
stuff (like instances) instead of making raytracer faster.. I recall those
are deliverables of my SoC proposal and also help to create a good environ
to eficiently improve the raytracer.
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