[Soc-2009-dev] Early reminder!

Lukas Steiblys imbusy at imbusy.org
Fri Jun 19 12:24:16 CEST 2009

> P.S. How are you guys doing with your documentation/wiki stuff?
I didn't want to document the code, because the architecture wasn't 
final. I should be able to do that now since not a lot will probably change.
> a) What did you do in the previous week?
Biggest milestone: managed to display meshes with solid faces using 
VBOs. Also, had to move from UK from university halls back to my home 
country. That took some time.
> b) What do you plan to do in the following week?
Document my code, fix vertex arrays, continue with other drawing modes.
> d) Do you feel that you are on schedule, ahead of schedule,
> or behind schedule? If you are behind schedule, please let
> us know what we can do together to get things back on track
On schedule.

Lukas Steiblys

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