[Soc-2009-dev] Weekly status report - 13 June - Aligorith

Joshua Leung aligorith at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 06:49:11 CEST 2009

Hi all,

This week I reached an early milestone: a basic functioning implementation
of the NLA system I had originally envisaged. While there aren't really that
many operators implemented yet, enough (the core ones) have been implemented
to test the functionality. It's rather surprising that even in this state,
the new NLA is more functional than the old one was :)

At this stage, I've begun seeking an initial round of user feedback, during
which a few bugs have been picked up. There are also a few rough edges (i.e.
unimplemented stuff, mainly regarding 'editing in place') which seems to be
causing a bit more confusion than anticipated. Details of these discussions
can be found on the AnimSys discussion list...

In this coming week, I don't expect to doing much coding due to exams. When
I do get some time near the end of the week, I'll be addressing some of the
issues that popped up.

BTW, William was getting some weird crashes on Mac - especially on loading
BBB files and/or some older files - which load perfectly fine here for me.
It'd be appreciated if some other people on Macs could check if they have
any such problems, and send some backtraces of these!

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