[Soc-2009-dev] Weekly report

Jingyuan Huang jingyuan.huang at gmail.com
Fri Jul 31 21:55:15 CEST 2009

This is a short report. I'm now in the airport on my way to New Orleans.

== What I did ==
1. Cleaned up the code
2. Fixed several bugs

== What I will do ==
1. Documentation (over the weekend after my SIGGRAPH shifts)
2. Get a stable build before Tuesday for SIGGRAPH

== Issues ==
Same as last week -- ray intersection doesn't work as I expect. For now I
branched off (my own local branch) and started adding some old code from my
prototype. This is only for demo purposes.
(I don't think transformation is the problem here. A transform function is
called to transform each vertex. This function is called when adding faces
to the tree and when doing the ray intersection....)

Best Wishes
Jingyuan Huang
Computer Graphics Lab
University of Waterloo
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