[Soc-2009-dev] Weekly report

Arystan Dyussenov arystan.d at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 20:50:18 CEST 2009


What I did this week:
- Converted FBX exporter, almost complete. UI/operator part left and I can
start testing it.
- Made cross-compiling work (not directly related to my project, but
useful). Wiki page is here:
More work needs to be done to make it work smoothly and then I can merge it
into 2.5.

What I'm going to do next week:
- Add an FBX exporter operator, add properties to have UI in file selector,
finish and test.
- Test OBJ exporter/importer with the files Campbell provided.
- Add a scripts menu. Currently I use Shift+Ctl+F to find an operator.
- Start writing documentation. Things I can describe here: overview of the
new Blender Python/RNA API, how it works and how to extend it.

What is left: X3D and 3DS exp/imp and test all these.

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