[Soc-2008-dev] Friday Reports!

André Pinto andresusanopinto at gmail.com
Fri May 30 15:40:00 CEST 2008


1 friday report:

a) This week
This week was a quite full week with final delivers and stuff at
school.. and nothing done since tuesday :S

Although it was enough for:
 - adapting bvh tree for supporting nearest neighbor queries on internal nodes,
   allowing to use this data structure for nearest surface shrinkwrap-mode.
 - fixed a few things
 - enabled EditMode on the modifier since it seems fast enough for it,
and everyone likes EditMode on modifiers ;)

b) Next Week
I plan on looking on how to implement the "import plane from a 2d image"
I might also look on a few additional options to shrinkwrap (since I
start to have some community feedback on it)

During home<->school travels I plan on thinking on how to improve NN
queries.. although its already faster than kdtree it uses heuristics
that assume local proximity between vertices n and n+1.
But I won't probably code anything about this.

c) Issues

d) Schedule
Well I'm ahead of schedule.. but I'll have several exams on june and
probably I won't be able to kept the progress rate I had up to now
(but well thats one of the reasons why I already did so much before
"officially started")

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