[Soc-2008-dev] Week 12 report

Ian Thompson quornian at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 16 01:36:07 CEST 2008

Week 12 Report

This Week
I have been working through a list of improvements and tweaks. The find and
replace panel is a separate floating panel and works much better. The plug ins
are working well and common functions are centralized in the BPyTextPlugin
module, which has also seen some improvements.

Documentation is nearly complete, just needs posting to the wiki. The
integration document needs a bit more work but we're nearly there.

Next Week
Tomorrow I hope to get the documentation complete and online, supplimented with
examples, screenshots, etc. I also planned to update the User Manual sections
for the text editor but perhaps this should wait until the changes are actually
released. I will prepare some notes for this anyway.

If there are more tweaks to be done, I will also get them completed tomorrow.

Sunday we will no doubt discuss integration and bring the projects to a point
ready for merging. Sunday night/monday morning is for very last minute touches.


This is it, the end of GSoC. I am however able to continue working on the
text editor for a few more weeks, so any issues that come up can be fixed.

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