[Soc-2008-dev] Week 12 report

André Pinto andresusanopinto at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 05:16:40 CEST 2008

Week 11

This week
(I am sending this report very early on friday because I wont have
access to net tomorrow)

Updated part of wiki (mainly user documentation)
Made code a bit more stable (fixed a few bugs, and variable names)
Code documentation (at least it exists as comments on code.. theres
not yet any code documentation on wiki)
Shrinkwrap uses openmp on bvhbuild and on bvh queries
Added feature requested in

Next week
I only have one know bug left.. (found it a few hours ago.. theres
still some ray passing over the edge of a polygon..
this bug is acting very strange :S.. since its disappearing if i
destroy a face and rebuild it right after without moving vertexes
positions :S)

Implement nearest_neighbours with heaps... (until now I was using a
local heuristics that seem to give very good results.. but since this
code is going on branch and other code might need this function.. its
a good idea to make it work fast without heuristics)

Fix bugs that eventually will be reported by the community

And if main developers agree I could merge shrinkwrap modifier on trunk

Not really an issue.. but considering the workflow proposed on
maybe the ssfit script coded by brecht should be turned onto C and
integrated on blender.

Important stuff is done... Official SoC coding date ends this Monday :(

but I will keep being a blender developer! :)

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