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Fri Jun 22 10:29:01 CEST 2007

German Stock Insider - Friday 22-JUN-2007
Volume 4, Issue 7

Company Name: Talktech Telemedia
Symbol: OYQ.F (TKMD.F)
ISIN: US8742781045
Recent Price: ˆ0.30
5 Day Target: ˆ1.00 - ˆ1.25
Recommendation: Strong buy to ˆ0.85


In this edition of German Stock Insider we are featuring our
winning pick of Talktech Telemedia, Inc (Frankfurt: OYQ.F).

With an excellent management team and a huge marketing campaign
starting next week, we are expecting our German readers to jump on
board this amazing opportunity before American investors see this,
causing HUGE price increases in the stock.

At present OYQ.F (TKMD.F) is trading at a huge discount. It was
recently trading at ˆ1.00 and currently trades at approx ˆ0.30. We
are expecting this stock to jump back up to over ˆ1.00 by early
next week. This will net our readers gains of over 300% in a few
trading sessions. If you plan on seriously considering OYQ.F
(TKMD.F) you should strongly consider getting in early on before
next week as we are expecting this to start trading up as early as
Thursday 20-JUN-2007.

We strongly urge you do your own research on Talktech Telemedia
before making any investment decisions. We feel that they are going
to be making some major moves in the coming days adding HUGE
shareholder value and again causing an increase in share price.

As we have already stated, we are comfortably estimating that
Talktech should be trading at over ˆ1.00 by early next week,
however, we feel it could be as high as ˆ1.25 or so by the end of
next week (over 400% gains on today’s price)

In the fast paced world of the German Stock Exchanges, we strive to
bring you the very best  the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has to offer.
We strongly urge you to call your stock broker and ask them about
OYQ.F (TKMD.F). Add it to your portfolio today.

300% gains are expected on this one - DON’T LET IT PASS YOU BY!

DISCLAIMER: This is not an offer to buy or sell any security.
German Stock Insider discloses that they were paid ten thousand
Euros for distribution of this report. This report contains forward-
looking statements. Please do due diligence before investing in any
company. Best of luck!

In a Party member, on the other hand, not even the smallest deviation of opinion on the most unimportant subject can be tolerated.
Du meta-langage en logique.
>From the layers of soot staining the stone, Perrin thought the site must have been used by generation after generation of travelers.
Then the armored figure removed his helmet, and Domon stared.
Your right depends not on his life or death.
She learns to swim.
This removes illnesses caused by an overabundance of pitta, kapha, and vata, and stimulates the gastric fire of the body.
Maybe he could ask Aviendha.
In a battle, a regiment's reconnaissance companies operate at ranges of up to 50 kilometres away.
Those who arranged the business, who asked you to carry out their scheme, know as well.
It works almost the same way as the code sequence above except you work from the L.
In a basket swung from his neck cowered a dozen very recent puppies of an indeterminate breed.
User 4bia redesigned her site.
And now his strongroom for the gold.
They may not have bothered doing anything to enhance tar as a result.
Gets or sets the distance from the start of a line to the beginning of a dash pattern.
They do contain bugs which were fixed in the final version (non withstanding any bugs that may have) and it's possible these bugs could be exploited.
If Vim was started with the "run" or "runback" command, or if Vim was started from the workbench, it will open a window of its own.
There's no doubt that the planes hit the building and did a lot of damage.
The data of Dr.
Who am I to forbid a great experiment.
Gets the user name for the current thread (the name of the user currently logged on to the operating system).
Configuration file key "build".
You can force a file to be displayed as ASCII by including the -a or -a7 option.
As the carriage drove off he kissed the diamond hand to the fair ladies within.
The demo version of iNES-Windows supports no command line interface at all.
Tomorrow here is just like yesterday, warmed over.
Hotya v printsipe dazhe rasteniya imeyut svoi tseli.
>From the incoming signal and its requests for protocol changes, I believe that both we and the outflyer were enveloped and at about the same time.
An autocratic system of coercion, in my opinion, soon degenerates.
When overridden in a derived class, reads all the content, including markup, as a string.
An authenticated circuit gateway allows the firewall manager to configure certain " plug gateway" services to be available on a per user basis after users authenticate themselves to the firewall.
In most cases it will carry out strategic operations--that is to say operations by groups of Fronts working together in the same sector.
Wie lange war das her.
Soon rats were not enough for him.
Prop me up here first, though.
In peacetime all the threads still lead back to the Kremlin and to the underground fortresses around Moscow.
Synchronous Dial-up Connection (data link communication).
If Visual mode is active and the new window is not for the same buffer, the Visual mode is ended.
At the same time, your callsign will be transmitted on the low side of the signal in Morse code.
They may not have had lunch.
They still lied, though.
>From the instant the doctor painted the marks and told me to go back to duty it was all done with, completely.
In a Microsoft Windows environment, however, that volume of mail can be overwhelming for someone busy with other tasks.
You want two of them to handle your traffic under all circumstances, unless they are both down.
If you want to play over the.
When he isn't doing that, he's searching for a usable angreal or sa'angreal.
Retrieves the standard window styles.
Gets the unit type of the.
The other citizens (they make up the majority, you may observe) go straight to the manager's window.
>From the host machine you can use the DriverStudio Remote Data namespace shell extension to connect to a remote machine.
>From the instant the doctor painted the marks and told me to go back to duty it was all done with, completely.
Also, the Wank Worm was irrelevant to a large portion of the Internet.
On the contrary--the Kiev Military District is a kind of doorway to power.
And I don't claim that all these books are "good," or that you will enjoy reading them.
He spoke into it for a minute, then flipped outer perimeter but we do the inside stuff, since we all it shut.
There was a single light overhead, unshaded.
No museum in Europe possesses such a collection of the produce of the ocean.
The operator is applied to each pair of bits, and the result is constructed bitwise.
These checks for open proxies typically discover several thousand new open proxies every day.
And now his strongroom for the gold.
It works automatically on all modern and not-so-modern hardware, including gameports and joysticks.
When he is return'd, Against Aumerle we will enforce his trial.
Mountains, steppes and coasts are illuminated by this miraculous day, from the Neva to Montenegro, from the Carpathians to the Urals.

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