[Blend2cs-user] There might be more than one lock affecting the region specified by the lockp argument, but fcntl only returns information about one of them.

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His body will I bear unto the King. But my memory persisted and the 
headache I had was definitely real.
A moment's reflection told him that he was almost certainly going to 
need a small but incredibly strong beer as well, and he attempted to 
add this to his order. All data transmitted over network are 
encrypted with a strong algorithm (3DES) for data security.
Enter the URL where more information, such as a knowledge base, can 
be found. .
RTTI has been re-done to work correctly and is on by default. But a 
cloak used a lot of power, and that would slow him down.
But a cloak used a lot of power, and that would slow him down. I'm 
not sure if this will ever be needed.
All copyrights to program are exclusively owned by the author - Mutex 
LLC. Perrin sighed in relief, of all things.
He stared at me awhile longer. The tribe had not had to face such a 
problem for a long time.
You said 'me', said one. But something gets in the way.
He groped for the handle and gave it a gentle turn. And, besides, 
they were none of them nearly so large and brave as you.
Wednesday, 26 January 2005. It , is most dishonourable of you to take 
advantage of us so.
It simply passes the request to the device driver and lets it handle 
the communications. Connection time-out, in seconds is the number of 
seconds of no activity before the server automatically disconnects.
It was his mustaches, and standing close enough to look up at his 
face, and hearing him recite part of The Great Hunt of the Horn. He 
would not forget or forgive the theft, not if a thousand years turned 
him to smouldering stone, but he could afford to wait.
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