[Blend2cs-user] There are several problems in secure file removal, mostly caused by the use of write cache, construction of the hard disk and the use of data encoding.

quang Petes quang-Petes at joesorren.com
Wed Aug 15 19:34:48 CEST 2007

T'h-i+s g*e+m is r'eally mov-a-ble!! 

T_h*i*s o-n+e is r,eally profi**table!!! 

H-a+v-e y-o'u b_e+e,n watchi'n+g t+h.i s f*o+r t*h'e l*a+s-t w-e+e'k-? 

T,a k,e a l*o_o,k at it:

recen+t n'e-w s r-eleas-es s*e_n_t gene'rati,ng grow*ing i ntere-st in C*Y_T-V 

C+ompa'ny: CH*INA YOU TV C+O.R,P (+O T-C BB :CYTV.O.B) 
S t o c k:      C.Y'T+V 

Curr.ent Pri ce: $,.'4*9 
4 t*h Straig,_ht d-a_y,s we h a*v-e s e*e_n t.h*i+s c_limb. (,S'e,e Ya hoo Char+t-N ew N'e+w,s re+lease) 

T.h+i s o n+e h a+s h_a d n,i_c'e retu-rns f-o_r i.nves,tors o*v,e*r t h,e su mmer, and
n*o*w sh-ows promi+se to b+egin a se cond w,a-v-e of re-turns. 

K.e.e*p a e'y,e o-u_t a.gain on W_ednesd.ay A+u g 15.,... 

If I ca,n't w,i n., I don,'t w*anna p*l-a+y,. 

My co*_mpanion off'ered me a cig aret*te a,n*d l,i t o*n.e himsel-f. 
F_o r f*last+mod, f*size, a-n d incl-ude+, virtu,al is al-ways pass_ed thr.ough t.h'e server'-'s mapp-ing d'irecti+ves. 

F'o,r exam,ple., t,h-i,s wo+rks f'o*r a+l+l des*cend'ants of TBDEDatase t.. 
It d+o+e,s n,o.t s-e+e'm to be p.ossibl.e to tra-ce t+h-e l+oop,back interfac*e_. 

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