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Horatio Czupryn HoratioCzupryn at livno-online.com
Sat Aug 11 13:43:20 CEST 2007

H_u_g*e N+e-w*s To Im'pact C.Y_T-V 

Chin_a Yo,uTV C-o-r.p.. 

Sy.mbol: C+Y.T,V 

We h a*v*e a+lready s e'e*n CYTV',s marke,t im-pact bef.ore clim_bin,g to o,v'e,r $2.0 0 w*i.t+h n-e+w-s-. 
Pres.s Rele,ase: 
Chin*a You*TV's Cn'Boo W.e*b S.i t e R+anks N_o_._1 on Micros,.oft L_i'v*e Sea'rch Eng'ine 

CnB,oo Traffi_c Inc+re_ases 4*9'% O v.e-r T-w'o Month_s 

R,e.a,d t_h e news', t*hink abo_ut t.h'e imp act, and
j_u-m_p on t.h i.s fi-rst thi'ng Tomorro *w morning,+!  $0.4,2 is a g*i_f_t at t'h,i-s price.-..... 

Do y o_u'r homewo+r_k a_n.d wat'ch t.h-i*s tr'ade Mon*day mo_rning. 

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