[Blend2cs-user] Re: boRXue

Rustam Mckim kaisau at agpix.com
Wed Aug 30 21:45:44 CEST 2006

there. Stand up, Jim! I got as far as my knees and he came on.

, w 
VI a AG m RA 
VA l LIU r M 
CI n ALI b S and m x an q y o u the f r
D n irectl x y from the m x anuf a act y urer
, e 
S d AV j E u x p to 5 h 0 % wi h th http://abuhadefunkadesa.com




left twelve to go. Wonderful. Or had I counted wrong? I started again
Drinking buddy! He who drinks with an admiral . . .
This was followed instantly by the clanking of metal and the thud of

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