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AGRA  (30)
vitra (30)
ma    (30)
LlUM  (30)
mbien  (30)
nax   (30)
ALlS  (30)
 - $135
 - $166
 - $76
 - $86
 - $120
 - $124
 - $170
can come back. He is, indeed, an egomaniac but hes never understood the
Russian mind. He may temporarily corrupt a few cynical opportunists, but
these will cover themselves and turn on him. No one looks forward to a
stay at the Lubyanka or a Siberian gulag. The Jackals Potemkin village
will burn to the ground. All the more reason for him to race to Moscow
and put out the brushfires, said Alex. What do you mean? asked Bourne.
The burning will start with the exposure of Carloss man in Dzerzhinsky
Square; hell know that. The only way to prevent it is for him to reach
Moscow and make a determination. Either his informer will elude internal
security or the Jackal will have to kill him. I forgot, interrupted
Bourne. Something else Santos said ... most
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