[Blend2cs-user] Problems with package 0.2.4

Michiel Uitdehaag blend2cs-user@blender.org
Thu, 05 Aug 2004 17:28:39 +0200


I just downloaded 0.2.4 of blend2cs and encountered (and fixed) the 
following problems:

sh autogen.sh did not work. My automake (1.7.6) started complaining 
about a missing libtool. I copied libtool.m4 from some other project and 
got it to work. It is likely that libtool is not installed correctly at 
my site. To prevent problems with users, include libtool.m4 in the 
blend2cs project instead of depending on an environment that contains it 
somewhere in the aclocal searchpath.
When libtool.m4 is included, make sure ltmain.sh, ltconfig, ltcf-c.sh 
and ltcf-cxx.sh are available as well. These files are created with 
automake -a usually, but due to the failing libtool not on my site.

I got libtool errors on a missing --tag. I declared:
in configure.ac, reconfigured and build. I now get 'ignoring unknown tag 
CXX', but the stuff builds. I encountered this in a project of mine as 
well and have not yet found a good solution. Dropping libtool perhaps :)

options.h is missing include file <string>. This causes the build of 
main.cpp to fail with a syntax error. After including that, all went fine.

Conversion went okay as far as I can tell, but I am only starting to 
learn CS.

Thanks for providing a useful tool.


Michiel Uitdehaag